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TNC Luce- Piccola Bottega’s Lampshades

TNC Luce – Piccola Bottega, historic lamp and lampshade shop, located in Rome, a few steps from Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, specializes in the handmade creation of customized lampshades to meet the requests and needs of individuals, architects and interior designers.

The production is entirely artisanal and pays great attention not only to the use of the highest quality materials, but also to the finishes and processes. Piccola Bottega offers classic lampshades lined in fabric, sewn or pleated, or contemporary lampshades, in parchment, pvc, methacrylate or rigid fabrics to create the right atmosphere.

Among our workhorses are hand-turned cones in lacquered brass, aluminum and copper for lovers of an industrial style inspired by 1950s art deco.