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t n c l u c e o f f i c i n a c r e a t i v a


Passion for enlightenment

Piccola Bottega is constantly updated on the latest innovations in the world of lighting. It also offers the latest generation of chandeliers and LED technologies to satisfy an  increasingly attentive customers to new lighting possibilities and energy savings.

We offer lighting solutions in classic or modern style, tailor-made, in collaboration with architects and interior designers for indoor and outdoor spaces; as well as, thanks to the craftsmanship acquired over the years, restoration and conservation of lamps and chandeliers.


Piccola Bottega of Lighting

We focus on maximum quality and customer satisfaction …

For over 50 years TNC LUCE realizes lamps, lampshades, floor lamps, chandeliers and modern enlightened bodies with passion and experience.The materials range from wood to brass, from ceramic to wrought iron, with lampshades of any shape and material that could be shaped. Each creation is carried out according to the best Italian tradition, paying great attention not only to design but also to the use of quality materials and innovation.

Our philosophy

High Satisfaction Service

Professionalism and experience

For more than 50 years we have been operating in the lighting sector.

How we manage Projects

Passion and experience has led us to carry out numerous projects and to answer to different lighting requests all over the world.