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Lighting solutions for clubs and restaurants

Creating the right atmosphere in clubs and restaurants paying attention to lighting is essential to make customers feel at ease.

Piccola Bottega takes care of customers’ comfort through design, but at the same time functional creations.

Each room and restaurant has its own personal style and in taking care of its lighting design, Piccola Bottega is able to offer solutions that integrate perfectly into the furniture and architecture, considering the space available and the practical function that the light must have .

Proper lighting not only of the facade and the sign of the restaurant, but above all of its interior spaces will be the business card that will perhaps attract even more than a good menu. The customer wants to be “seduced” by a warm and welcoming environment and the right lighting will make his stay unique and exclusive. Piccola Bottega, thanks to its many years of experience and collaboration with architects and interior designers, is able to offer the best solution in line with the style of the room and with the effect of light and atmosphere that you want to achieve.