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Tips for choosing the perfect lamps for the home

Each home tells a unique story and each element inside it contributes to giving it character. Furniture, accessories and accessories are designed to have both a technical and stylistic function, just as lighting is fundamental, whose role is not only functional but decisive as regards the decoration and style of a home.

The choice of lights in a private residence must perfectly respect the living context by merging with the furnishing style and personal taste of those who live there and Piccola bottega offers unique solutions that reflect their own unique way of being.

Here are some tips to find the best solution for decorating with lights, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality:

The spotlights, which are adjustable or recessed, are perfect for welcoming at the entrance of the house;

In the kitchen, a well-lit work surface with functional and decisive lights and some under-cabinet lighting is indispensable.

In the bathroom you need both lighting that gives sprint in the morning that suffuses to allow yourself a few moments of relaxation in the evening. Piccola Bottega recommends wall lights on the mirror, ceiling light and recessed spotlights.

In the living room it is useful to provide different light points with wall lamps, floor lamps for the reading and sitting area and a suspension lamp for the dining table.

In the bedrooms a targeted light is required and Piccola Bottega suggests wall lights or bedside lamps for the bedside tables, a LED light for the wardrobes and a targeted light above a possible toilet, which does not cast shadows on the face for the makeup area.