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News from the world of lighting: cordless lamps

Portable and original, wireless, rechargeable and wireless lamps are a solution that the world of lighting technology has proposed in recent years to offer new lighting solutions in homes and in premises and restaurants. Once they were emergency or camping lights, today they are models that have nothing to envy to the traditional ones, perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Of scenic impact, given the total lack of unsightly electric wires, and practical, because they allow to be moved, according to the needs, in any room of the house, cordless lamps represent a new way of conceiving light.

Thanks to a practical remote control, they offer the possibility of adjusting the light intensity or changing the color of the light emitted and can be easily recharged by induction or wireless: just place the lamp on the appropriate base or on an 8-place multiple induction charger . In the case of wireless energy, the energy that travels in the air will be sufficient, without having to use connections.

The autonomy of these lamps varies from 4 to 8 hours, while the life of the LEDs stands at around 50,000 hours.

They are luminous solutions born as table lamps, to create the right atmosphere or to accompany us in work or reading, but today they are also available in suspension.